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Yellowstone Releases New Teaser For Episode 3, “Tall Drink Of Water”


Another episode of Yellowstone is back tonight on Paramount Network.

Following the record-breaking, two-part Season 5 premiere, Yellowstone returns tonight with Episode 3, titled “Tall Drink Of Water.”

John Dutton will be settling into his role as the Governor of Montana, Kayce & Monica will be mourning death of their son John, Market Equities will unleash Sarah Atwood on Thomas Rainwater might have a problem on his hands in the form of Angela Blue Thunder.

And from this new teaser, it also sounds like Kayce is contemplating taking some time away from the ranch, or perhaps his role as Livestock Commissioner. However, we can hear John tell his son:

“This state needs you Kayce.”

It also sounds like Angle Blue Thunder is coming for Thomas Rainwater:

“I’m gonna teach you the master rules… and that will not be pleasant.”

Doesn’t sound good… she’s scary.

I guess we’ll find out tonight…


Yellowstone Season Premiere Breaks Record with 12.1 Million Viewers

You already knew it was gonna be big…

And the numbers are in.

Breaking its own previous record from the Season 4 premiere, the two-part Yellowstone Season 5 premiere clocked in at a whopping 12.1 million viewers in the first day.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the show racked up 8.8 million from Paramount Network, a total of 10.3 million when you include the additional broadcasts on CMT, TV Land and Pop, and then when you throw in the encores, you get a grand total of 12.1 million viewers.

The total also puts Yellowstone atop the list of every scripted series premiere this year.

Not bad, eh?

Episode 3 is set to air Sunday, November 20th on Paramount Network.


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