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Lainey Wilson Debuts Newest Song During ‘Yellowstone’ Episode 3

Lainey Wilson Premieres Fiery New Song, ‘Smell Like Smoke,’ on ‘Yellowstone’ [Listen]


Country star Lainey Wilson debuted a brand new song on Sunday night’s episode of “Yellowstone” called “Smell Like Smoke.” She premiered the song as the 15th track on her newest album Bell Bottom Country. Others on the album include “Watermelon Moonshine,” “Heart Like a Truck,” and “Hold My Halo,” among others. “Smell Like Smoke” was a “Yellowstone” exclusive, but she’s since added it to the album.

On the show, Lainey Wilson, as her character Abby, was performing in a cowboy bar when Beth, Rip, and the Bunkhouse Boys blew in to celebrate Lloyd’s birthday. On stage, Abby was performing “Smell Like Smoke,” and Ian Bohen as Ryan caught her eye. The two have been kindling a little romance since the premiere, and it looks like something might come out of it. That is, of course, if the Bunkhouse Boys can ever stay out of trouble.

A press release from Wilson announced the latest song and stated that she’s going to be playing more original music on the show. Abby was, of course, written specifically by Taylor Sheridan for Lainey Wilson, and so far it seems like she’s finding a good place on the show.

Lainey Wilson Gears Up For First Headlining Tour in January

Soon though, Wilson will be embarking on her first-ever headlining tour, called the Country With a Flare Tour. The 27-stop excursion begins in Spokane, Washington on Jan. 1. It goes until March 31 in Columbus, Ohio. Pretty decent for her first tour. Joining her on tour are artists Ben Chapman, Meg McRee, and Leah Blevins.

“This past year has been such a roller coaster,” Wilson said in a statement in October. “It’s truly been one of the most rewarding challenges of my career. We’ve worked so hard on this album and I’m so proud of it. I can’t wait to headline my first tour next year and play all my new music across the country.”


How Does Wilson’s ‘Yellowstone’ Character Compare to Her Real Life?

Lainey Wilson recently shared what it was like being on the “Yellowstone” set, and how her character, Abby, compared to her real life. According to Wilson, they compared quite a bit.

“I pretty much get to be myself,” Wilson told Country Now. “I get to wear my bell bottoms, I get to be me, I get to talk with an accent, I get to sing my songs.”

Additionally, Wilson revealed that she pretty much got to make up her character’s backstory herself. While the character was created specifically for her, there wasn’t much background for Abby. Lainey Wilson got to shape her character however she wanted, and the shape was Lainey Wilson adjacent.

“So in my mind,” she told Country Now, “[Abby’s] from Louisiana because she sounds like this,” meaning her own accent. “In my mind, she’s maybe traveling through Montana, a musician, maybe finds a group of people who are really starting to dig her music and she stays for a while.”


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