Clint Eastwood – Lessons of life from Man with No Name


Whenever I hear the name Clint Eastwood, an image of a town in the old west beside the valley, the bright sun, the dusty climate and the rolling tumbleweed all comes into my mind. Even though I was born in the 90s, I am a huge fan of the 60s and 70s American icon Clint Eastwood. He is still an icon. Clint Eastwood had played an array of role in his carrier and also have made several films of his own.

But, lets go back in time. It was early struggling days of Clint Eastwood when Sergio Leone approached him for a role. It was right after when Clint did the Rawhide T.V series. Sergio Leone saw something in this person which made him a legendary director and made Clint a legendary actor in America. Right after making The Fistful of Dollars movie, Clint Eastwood’s name got cemented in the history of the world cinema. Then The Dollar Trilogy was like icing on the cake for the fans.

In the Dollar Trilogy, The 3 movies were Fistful of Dollars, For a few more dollars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. In all the three movies Clint played the character called Man with no name. This guy is fantastic, if you haven’t watched these 3 movies I would highly recommend you all to watch. Because, all the 3 movie are masterpieces and stories are one of a kind. In this post we’ll learn what this Man with no name can teach us about life.

Be precise:

As soon as the Man with no name enters the scene there is certain kind of discipline felt by everyone. We can see by just looking at his eyes that this man is no bullshit, and he does whatever he says. He listens to everyone around him and understands every single piece of information before speaking even a single word. Even while taking he is completely on the point. He hand picks every single word in his mind before he talks it out, every word he speaks is as precise as the the bullets he fires from his revolver.

Even in life we should be careful about the words we speak. Words do more damage than bullets. Most of the time, we are ought to take decisions which are very sudden and not thought about properly. This leads to bigger problems, we should always listen to others carefully and understand everything before taking actions. The most important thing here is having a plan.

Having a plan is better than having no plan. Just like in the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Man with no name makes a lot of planning to get him toward his goal. But, eventually his plans fail, but even after the failure he will still be closer towards the goal than the others. Tuco, another character in the movie decides to jump at the opportunity all of a sudden without planning. But, he fails.


Be precise on your goals and always have a plan. It doesn’t matter if your plan fails, because it is better than jumping into something blindly.

Let your skill do the talking:

In the movie The Fistful of Dollars, This man will be facing four gunslingers. They will all be laughing at the fact that he is being out numbered and will be boasting about their strength and skills. But, Man with no name will not talk a single word. When the time comes he take his revolver out of his belt and shoots all four of them within seconds.

Most of the people in life just talk. Talking is easier than doing. If someone is talking about how good he is with his skills, it means he is trying to scare you or make you look bad. But, If you have the skills you don’t have to do anything. This is the reason why Man with no name almost never talks in his movies. He knows what he is capable of. When ever you hear someone talking about themselves, remember this

????? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????. – ?????????

Be prepared:

In the final scene of The Fistful of Dollars, when Man with no name will be about to get shot by a riffle. He stands in front of it relaxed and calm. The man with the riffle shoots him straight at the heart. He falls, everyone of the bad guys will be laughing. Then, one of the face of the bad guys will look surprised. They all look. Man with no name will be slowly getting up on his feet even after getting shot. He gets shot again, he gets on his feet again, this happens until his riffle runs out of bullets. How did he do it? Hmm.. Why don’t you watch the movie, to know the answer.

Well lets say, he came totally prepared. One of the important trait of this character is he is always prepared for the worst. We can see this in all the three films. He will be always 5 steps ahead of everyone around him, which makes him unbeatable. Its always good to be prepared and be ahead of the heard. Because, the majority is always gonna be wrong. By thinking the and preparing for the worst case scenario we can higher our chances of success in life.


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