Yellowstone Finale Has Only 1 Way to Right the Wrongs For This Underrated Character


Not only the Duttons have to get our undivided attention.


  • Yellowstone is a Western series that focuses mainly on the Duttons family members’ story.
  • The second part of the last season can finally make Gil Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater one of the central characters of the show.
  • Rainwater is an interesting enough character who deserves more screen time.

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone is a show that has kept us on the edge of our seats since 2018. The western series about a dysfunctional family of Duttons gives us stories we may never forget.

Of course, the Duttons are the main characters in the show, and that’s why their stories are the most exciting and compelling. Basically all the screen time goes to them, despite the fact that there are many other recurring characters in the show. Still, John Dutton seems to be the only one who gets all the attention from the fans.

However, since the new episodes will be without Kevin Costner’s popular character, there is finally a chance to give some other important characters a chance to shine.

Fans believe that the one person who deserves to be at the center of the story in the upcoming episodes is Thomas Rainwater, the High Chief of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock.

Why Making Rainwater a Central Character is What Yellowstone Needs?

The role of the Chief is played by none other than Gil Birmingham, and needless to say he did an excellent job portraying Rainwater, but unfortunately he never got enough credit for it over the past few years, even though the fans loved him.

His character has so much to offer the overall story of the show, yet all Rainwater does on screen is stand around and threaten those who dare to take his land. Frankly, that is exactly what Dutton Sr. does, but they are on different sides of a coin and the second guy is the one who gets all the screen time.


From the few dialogues throughout the series, fans have somehow figured out what kind of person he is and would like to know more.

“I wish he would get more screen time. He is devious but still has a set of principles he follows. He’s aggressive in rushing to get the land back from the Duttons yet patient in willing to wait and play the long game. Most of all I like how his character makes sense, no out of character motivation behavior,” Redditor jlive9 said.

How Yellowstone Can Use Thomas Rainwater More?

The show made us realize that Rainwater’s main goal in life is to uplift his people and bring back generational wealth. In the very first episode of the show, we learn something about him: apparently, he only discovered that he had Native American heritage at the age of 18, and it completely changed his life.

It’s also been mentioned several times that he did many great things for his people back in the day, but when the flashbacks of the Duttons’ lives are constantly on screen, there hasn’t been a single glimpse of Rainwater’s past.

Delving deeper into his backstory would be a wise choice for the show’s writers, as he is the perfect candidate to tell important Native stories. So far, only Monica Dutton has had a chance to do so, but we think the Chief is a better fit because he has so much more to tell.


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