Yellowstone’s Kayce Dutton star left ‘scared to death’ after terrifying stunt


YELLOWSTONE star Luke Grimes has shared more details about one of the riskiest scenes from the Paramount Western drama’s latest exhilarating season.

Luke Grimes stars as Kayce Dutton in the dark family drama on Paramount. The acclaimed and widely popular drama has just wrapped up its fourth season, but the Yellowstone star will be thinking about one of the scariest days on set for a long time.

Kayce star Luke has opened up about some of the most challenging stunt scenes throughout the first four seasons of Yellowstone.

Paramount’s gruelling Western series will likely return for a fifth season later this year, but the latest 10 episodes have delivered plenty of thrills for fans to chew on.

Luke, 37, admitted he sometimes has to rely on his stunt double to tackle some of the show’s more complicated action sequences.

“I have a fantastic stunt double, who’s just a real cowboy,” he said on The Official Yellowstone Podcast.

“What up, Jordan [Warrack]? He’s awesome. Makes me look cool as s**t.”

One of the trickier scenes from earlier in the show saw Kayce ride up to the side of a truck to lasso the driver out of the window.


Although showrunner Taylor Sheridan aims to keep the actors on horseback, Luke’s stunt double Jordan had to step in for this scene.

“Obviously when I rode up and roped that guy out of the truck, he did the roping there. Because who can do that, right?”

“But he actually did it. It was like a backwards style that he had to do, there’s no way I could have done that.

“Taylor likes me to do as much as I can. And little by little every year I’ve been able to do more.”


However, Jordan’s cowboy expertise hasn’t stopped Luke himself from tackling some of Kayce’s difficult tasks.

He went on to detail his favourite moment from the series so far, which was also one of the most daunting.

During the latest season, Kayce and the wranglers herd a dozen or more stolen horses back to Avery’s (Tanaya Beatty) family on the Reservation.

“I go wrangle up these mustangs, and have to chase this group of mustangs,” he explained. “Herd them up and chase them through this huge pasture.

“The stunt double did it once, and Taylor goes ‘you want to try it?’

“I was scared to death, but of course I wanted to try it. And to this day, the greatest day I’ve ever had on set.”

“It was like catching a wave, because this horse is trying to keep up with these wild horses. It becomes part of this herd.

“For the first time in the show, I was full-tilt running as dead-fast as I can. It was awesome.”

As well as delivering some of TV’s most enthralling drama on screens right now, Yellowstone also offers a valuable insight into the life of modern ranchers.

A fifth season has yet to be officially confirmed, but hopefully there’ll be plenty more classic cowboy moments and thrilling stunts coming soon.


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