‘Yellowstone’ Gets in on the Wordle Craze: Here’s How To Play


“Yellowstone” decided to hop on the Wordle train by creating their own version of the wildly popular word-puzzle game. Millions of people play every day, trying to guess a random five-letter word in only six attempts.

The game goes like this. Every day, you start with a blank five-by-six grid, representing the five-letter word and six attempts. For every word you guess, the letters on a keyboard below the grid will show up black, yellow, or green. Black letters don’t appear in the word at all. Yellow letters are included in the word but happen to be in the wrong spot. Green letters mean you correctly guessed the letter and the place it is in the word. At midnight, the game resets with a new word to take the internet by storm.

So, how does “Yellowstone” factor into Wordle? Essentially, Paramount created their own version of the game that you can play at this link. For copyright reasons, they call it the “Yellowstone Word Scramble” game. It looks exactly the same as the traditional Wordle game and seems to operate exactly the same.

The only trick is, these words are all “Yellowstone” themed. In the regular game, the word is completely random and could be anything in the English dictionary. But for this version, keep in mind words that you could easily associate with the hit Taylor Sheridan show.

“It’s time to put your #YellowstoneTV knowledge to the test with our word scramble! Can you live up to the brand? It might be harder than you think. New words daily, for a limited time,” the official “Yellowstone” Twitter page announced earlier.


Looks like it may not be a permanent game then. But it’s definitely something to check out for the foreseeable future.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In On Show’s Version of Wordle

Just like the traditional Wordle game, the “Yellowstone Word Scramble” allows you to share your score with others. So that the answer isn’t spoiled for other players, your results show up as a grid of blank black, yellow, and green boxes. See the example below from one “Yellowstone” fan.

The show kicked off its word scramble game with a word that’s wildly familiar to the Bunkhouse Boys. Here’s a hint from one fan on Twitter: “It’s probably in your fridge right now.”

The answer ended up being “Beers.” The double vowel threw some players, from the sound of their comments. But many are on board with this new daily brain teaser.

“Got it on my 5th try, this was my first ‘wordle’ attempt. That was fun!” one “Yellowstone” fan wrote.

It sounds like most of these fans will be back for today’s new word. Here’s a hint for those who haven’t solved it yet: This person has a one-way ticket to the train station if they get caught on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Have fun solving, “Yellowstone” fans!


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